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Fell's line-up/history

(These are mostly notes for my own brain chronology)

1969: A young friend of David Bowie's contributes some uncredited strings playing on a little number called 'Space Oddity'

1970-1973: This friend is playing small gigs in London pubs, clubs and basements and so forth under the name Goodfellow; occasionally by himself and occasionally with others in impromptu jam sessions. By 1973 he is becoming moderately well-known in the London underground...

1974: ...and in 1974 he and several other musicians are playing as a consistent band: The Fellows. The line-up for a May 12, 1974 performance was: Robert Fellowes, guitar, vocals; Reginald Stockdale, guitar, vocals; John Bliss, piano, vocals; and Andrew Dunstan,  drums.

1975: Reggie D (as he was generally known) starts adding trumpet and saxophone to their performances, leading Dunstan to help with additional guitar work.

Early 1976: Robert Fellowes invites a 15-year-old fan named Terrence Sloane to join the band. As Terrence shows little aptitude for guitar, keyboards, or singing, he is put on the drum set and 'Drew' Dunstan moves to purely bass guitar.

Mid 1976: "The Fellows" are signed by Mercury Records, though they have somewhere along the way lost an 'ows' and are signed as 'The Fell.' (This was possibly a studio decision to try and make them seem more like another just-signed band, The Clash...) Official line-up is: Robert Fellowes, lead guitar and vocals, songwriter; Reggie D, various horns; John Bliss, keyboards and vocals; Drew Dunstan, bass guitar and vocals; Terry Sloane, drums; with occasional backup by session musician Vincent Gereghty.

1977: The band releases several successful singles, most notably 'Supercomputer', 'Shake-up', and 'The Ballad of Donald Nappey'.

1978: The band releases their first (also to be their last) album, 'The Undiscovered Country.' [Track listing: Ides; Something Wicked; Good Night, Sweet Prince; Miranda; This Thing of Darkness; The King of Infinite Space; Dogs of War; Perchance to Dream; Primrose Path; Valiant Dust; Incarnadine.]  It is very well received.

Robert Fellowes marries Jane Murray, a band groupie.

1978: The band announces a planned tour that will take them to both Europe and the U.S.-- their first out-of-country tour.

1979: Fell's European half of the tour goes well, starting in London and taking them to Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Berlin, and Oslo. The band travels to NYC to play the first stop on their American tour. The night before their NY show, Jane Fellowes falls to her death from the balcony of the group's hotel suite. Rumors abound as to whether this was suicide, foul play, accident... Police investigation results in the cancellation of the group's scheduled performance. Autopsy reveals that Jane Fellowes had cocaine in her system. The death is ruled accidental, but a subsequent police investigation into the band's drug possession follows.

Complications arise when Robert Fellowes disappears for three days and cannot be found. The band is detained in New York for further investigation despite Mercury Records' objection, and miss several tour dates. Robert Fellowes returns but refuses to provide information on where he went. By the time the band is allowed to continue, Robert Fellowes announces the rest of the tour is canceled as well, to general dismay. The band returns to England.

1979-80: Robert Fellowes vanishes, again; is rumored to be on the island of Cyprus but refuses any contact from Mercury Records or his bandmates.

1980: The band attempts to produce some songs during Fellowes' absence to fulfill their contractual obligations to Mercury Records, but the output during this period, while technically proficient, is utterly lacking the appeal of the songs written and performed by Fellowes.

1981: Robert Fellowes negotiates (terms still unknown) the release of Fell from any further obligations to Mercury Records and announces the band is dissolved. The band members go their separate ways: Reggie D moves to America to study blues and jazz. Drew Dunstan and John Bliss briefly tour together as 'Helter Skelter;' the partnership does not last long. Dunstan goes on to serve as a talented bass guitarist for several other bands in the 80s and 90s. John Bliss returns to his classical-training roots and eventually becomes a professor at Birmingham Conservatoire. Terry Sloane is, alas, forced to return to the real world and help his father in the family's bookkeeping business.

1985: Robert Fellowes forms Serptichore Records. He looks up Terry and offers him a job as the company's accountant, which Terry takes. He also hires Vincent Gereghty as head of studio production.


Terrence Sloane

Terrence Sloane
-Terry to his friends
-45 years old
-Joined Fell at the ripe old age of 14
-...as the drummer, when it became obvious he had no aptitude for guitar
-...or keyboards
-...or any of the other instruments he tried out on
-A (mostly) functioning alcoholic, with recreational abuse of harder drugs
-Six feet, two inches of gone-a-bit-to-seed Englishman
-Solidly middle class in terms of breeding and education, though Robin pays him a salary that lets him play at being upper-class. The fit is not always a good one
-If Robin is trying to fulfill the celebrity/pop culture stereotype and doing an admirable job at it, Terry is trying to do the same and doing much, much worse
-As a teenager befriended by the lead singer of a rock band, and then invited to join the band, he rather idolized Robin. And never quite grew out of that
-Is married, not exactly happily, to a former 'actress' whose thespian talents were displayed best in adult films
-He works as Serptichore's accountant. While not inherently shit at the job, the combination of his alcoholism, the knowledge that Robin has an apparently inexhaustible cash flow, and the slow realization that no matter how sloppy he gets with the numbers Emma's going to fix them, have all combined to make him a terrible one
-From childhood til age thirty he was in and out of therapy and doctor's offices for unexplained blackouts and missing time, as well as the actions he'd apparently gotten up to during the periods he can't remember. He was diagnosed as schizophrenic, which was all well and good except the doctors didn't seem to have any ideas on how to help him, and he came to the conclusion he might as well spend the money on liquor instead
-Flirts a lot. Gets shot down a lot
-Is rather resigned to the universe seeming to enjoy inflicting things on him
-Writes rather good poetry which he has never shown to anybody
-Terry is not stupid. But he has evolved a rather complex coping mechanism that enables him to blissfully avoid putting two and two together, so it's understandable if people think him dense at times
-Afraid of heights, with good reason
-Is sporadically possessed by the spirit of his ancestor, Hunter

Ask a question about Terry, and I will answer it!


Henry "Harry " Potter

Henry Potter

-38 years old
-Mesomorph, built like a brick shithouse
-Is totally a kinesthetic learner. Harry is very "in" his body at all times, and has to be active or he goes stir-crazy. On any given day he is likely to have run five miles (first thing in the morning), done fifty push-ups and fifty sit-ups, jumped rope for five minutes, and put in at least an hour on his punching bags. These are the things he does to relax
-Someone who knows what to look for (i.e., the flattened ears, the twice-broken nose, the scarring on his hands) would be able to peg Harry quite easily as a boxer
-He's actually quite light on his feet
-While he likes a pint as much as the next bloke, Harry doesn't (currently) smoke or have any other physical vices
-Can speak Lowland Scots (somewhat brokenly)
-His "accent" is a bastard mix of his mother's Scottish brogue, the Manchester/NW England regional working class accent, a touch of Cockney he somehow absorbed in London, and a mumble which is just his own
-Devout Man U fan
-Has worked variously as a: dockhand, bouncer, soldier, bodyguard, and lots of other things involving moving heavy objects, some of which didn't belong to him
-When nervous or ill-at-ease, he will unconsciously crack his knuckles. He is not often nervous, being excellent at "stoic"
-Will not hit a lady (Harry's definition of "a lady" is not the same thing as "a female")
-Will gladly beat the shite out of anyone who does hit a lady
-Is extraordinarily good at beating the shite out of things
-Like all good boys, he loves his mother. He also is immensely proud of all three of his sisters, to the point where he will actually volunteer information about them
-Aside from such bouts of exuberance, he tends to be quite close-mouthed and taciturn: the strong silent type, indeed
-His body is a map of various escapades: numerous scars and a few tattoos, including one from his service as King's Regiment
-People often judge Harry as stupid due to his speech and his dyslexia. This is a bad mistake to make. While not well-educated in the traditional sense of the word (he quit attending school at 14), Harry is a quick thinker and possessed of a dry and deadpan sense of humour that can, occasionally, even be called wit

Ask a question about Harry, and I will answer it!



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